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Our Approach

   WHAT WE DO   

We provide skill-based education to help primary school children (grades 1-7) bridge the gap left by the present education system, and get to grade level by solidifying their core academic skills like literacy and numeracy.


We work with abandoned and street children, children from broken homes, victims of child labor, abuse and so on in residential shelter homes. These children study at government schools and need help to get up to and maintain grade level. In future, we also plan to identify and develop skills in older children to choose a vocation when they are on the threshold of adulthood.


   WHY WE DO IT   


Students from disadvantaged family backgrounds often fall behind early on their education journey. The methods of teaching do not address their learning needs and they continue to perform poorly. It is common for them to be unable to learn basic literacy and numeracy skills at the primary school level itself. There is an urgent need to address the problem of low learning levels, and provide a suitable solution.

One of the limitations of this school is the rote method. In rote learning, there is no connection between new and old information so it does not allow for a deeper understanding of the subject, or encourage the use of social skills. Our initial assessments have shown the children in shelter homes to be at least 3-4 years below their grade level. A weak foundation in primary education, along with lack of family and socio-emotional support can easily derail the lives and productivity of these children as adults. 


Since the shelter homes house abandoned children only up to the age of 18, it is necessary to ensure that by then, every child is equipped with strong educational or vocational skills to lead a productive life.

   HOW WE DO IT   

We provide skill-based education through after school tutoring programs in English, Math and the local language at the shelter homes.


The children are assessed and the curriculum is planned depending on the skills they need to develop, be it basic literacy, fluent reading or mathematical understanding. We deliver this with the help of trained teachers from the local community, and use innovative methods for teaching. When the environment  is relaxed and fun, it helps the children open up and learn freely.


We also conduct regular assessments to track the performance of the children and take corrective action as needed.

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